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Sun, Height: Tall 6", Blooms: Late May, Flower Color: Rosy Pink, Conditions: 0*FA     Dense evergreen shrub valued for its large trusses of brilliantly colored flowers. Prefers cooler regions but some protection from winter wind is recommended. Very effective as an accent plant for containers, as a flowering hedge plant, or in mass plantings.  History: About 1930, while living in Camas, Washington, Bill Whitney befriended Theodore Van Veen, Sr., of Portland, Oregon.  According to Faye Van Veen grew out the seed, from which Bill Faye purchased the superior seedling for $20.00.  Bill later registered and named the plant after his mother.  The large globe-shaped blooms are classically poised above matte medium green leaves attached to stiff, multi-branching stems that grow into a vigorous, upright and spreading plant.  It buds as a 4-5 year old plant and consistently therafter.  (Van Veen, Whitney 1954) 6"-8" thru 30"-36"

Anna Rose Whitney Rhodendron Hybrid

Lee's Dark Purple x Purple Splendour - Conditions: Sun & Heat, Size: Medium 5', Blooms: Late May, Flower color: Red-Purple/Dark Eye, -15*F   Abundantly produced rich green leaves, blanket this well-built plant, with dome-shaped purple blooms and dark eye.  An excellent plant for coller regions of U.S. (Hachmann 1986) 10"-12"

Azzuro Rhododendron Hybrid

Honey Butter Rhododendron Hybrid

Environment: Sun/Pt. Shade,  Approx. Height in ten years: Low growing 3', Bloom time: Mid-May, Bloom Color: Canary Yellow, Hardiness: +5*F    A calyx encircles appealing bright canary-yellow full-dome trusses.  The rounded and multi-branching plant has medium-sized matte green leaves held for two years.  Buds consistently after the age of 6.  (sifferman, Nelson 1968) 8"-10" thru 12"-15"

Hotei Rhododendron Hybrid

Environment: Some shade, Approx. Height in 10 years: Low 4', Bloom time: Early May, Bloom Color: Salmon, Hardiness: 0*F    Blooms of open trusses, edged with salmon-pink blending to a golden orange throat enlivened with gold stamens and bronze freckling, are classically presented on a beautiful framework of handsome dark green leaves gracefully poised on a well-proportioned plant with excellent carriage.  It buds young and in great abundance.  (Phetterplace, Greer 1999) 10" - 12" thru 15"- 18"

September Song Rhododendron Hybrid

Firerim Rhododendron Hybrid

Nancy Evans Rhododendron Hybrid

Old Copper Rhododendron Hybrid

Environment: Sun/Part Shade,  Approx. Height in 10 years:  Semi-Dwarf 2',  Bloom Time:  Mid April, Bloom Color:  Pink-White, Hardiness: -10*F  The plant completely covers itself with a multi-colored mass of pink to white flowers.  The exciting feature of 'Ginny Gee' is the color change from day to day, ranging from darker pink to shell pink, to pink stripes and tinged whites.  It is a dense, compact plant with dark green leaves held for 3 years. (Berg 1979) 8" - 10" thru 12" - 15"

Ginny Gee Rhododendron Hybrid

Mrs G W Leak Rhododendron Hybrid

Environment:  Some Shade,  Approx. Height in 10 years:  Tall 6',  Bloom Time: Late May,  Bloom Color: Scented Pink,  Hardiness:  0*F    Scented 5" pink flowers, incorporated with hues of yellow rays generating from the throat, all uniquely crinkled, ruffly-edged, and broadly faced, are presented with remarkable floral elegance.  They shroud an upright, well-branching plant furnished with becoming deep green foliage.  (Whitney, Sather 1975) (Fall 2014) 6"-8"

Pleasant Dream Rhododendron Hybrid

Pomegranate Splash Rhododendron Hybrid

Rhododendron - Species

Environment:  Sunny Shade,  Approx. Height in 10 years:  Dwarf 1', Bloom Time: Early May,  Bloom Color:  Rose to White,  Hardiness: -10*F  -  A dwarf plant with dusty-pink flowers, 4" - 8"

Myrtilloides, Rhododendron Species

R. radicans, Rhododendron Species

R. campylogynum, Rhododendron Species

R. hippophaeoides, Rhododendron Species

R. neriiflorum Rosevallon, Rhododendron Species

R. yakushimanum, Ken Janeck, Rhododendron Species

R. lutescens, Rhododendron Species